Content developers

We value creativity, innovation and integrity and we're not afraid to challenge ourselves and others. If you're interested in the creation of mobile information, such as authoring, design, structuring, packaging, and publishing then contact us. The opportinities can be freelance, project-based, and permanent. It might be you need to travel to specific places, and you will work in project teams - on the ball with customers.

It is about designing, authoring, packaging and delivering digital content, such as brochures, booklets, texts, photographs, animations, trailers, music, and multi-media to personal mobile phones via wireless communication, near-field communication, or bar codes.

If you are a creative author your skills should be to capture and engage the receiver with relevant, useful, and engaging information. That is an immense value for us.

Designing for mobile phones is about creating text, navigation structures, categories, graphics, animations, sounds, and other multi-media that will be interacted with on tiny handheld displays.