Investor relations

AmbieSense Ltd enables the distribution and delivery of information to the hands and surroundings of mobile phone users. We deliver new and exiting value propositions to the mobile user. There are several commercial opportunities across sectors, such as travel and tourism, shopping, transportation, marketing, education, and service and maintenance.

A small company like AmbieSense must actively use the pivilege of being a private company to involve owners that contribute to the bottom line with key competence and value creation in the context of the long-term business plan. We believe that this is the best way to realise the prospective benefits of a business.

We have experienced organic growth since the start, deeply in favour of compounding, and do not believe in debts. Within this light we would welcome dialogs with business angels, investors, and venture capital.

We are very dedicated in growing the business by incrementally increasing the sales volumes and profit margins - at the same time as delivering high-quality products and services. It is an overall activity in which we care for with continuous focus, patience, and devotedness.