As part of our services we provide our own access software for mobile phones together with server software that we use to enable mobile information services for our customers.

Our mobile phone software supports 3G and Bluetooth, xhtml, html, xml, cascading style sheets, sounds, and various image formats.

Depending on the customer needs we either develop new access software, or customise existing software components.

We are specialists in mobile search and have developed two search technologies: Igloo and Amber.

The Igloo search platform is a suite of software components that can be used to add search engine functionality to any mobile information service. Igloo can be embedded in mobile phone software, software on wireless info points, or as a search facility on a web site. People can seach for local content on their mobile, content in the environment, or for mobile content on the internet.

We also offer our Amber context platform as an alternative search facility for images, product databases, legacy systems, and other less indexable content and data.