United Kingdom

AmbieSense Ltd is based and located in Aberdeen, Scotland. It is built at the mouth of two major Scottish rivers, the Dee and the Don, and covering an area of 184.47 square kilometres (71.22 square miles).

Named the Granite City or Silver City because of its preponderance of sparkling granite buildings - Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest city with a population of around 210,000. As the centre of the North Sea energy industry, it is also known as the Oil Capital of Europe.

It also has been dubbed as Britain's Flower Capital because it has won the Beautiful Britain in Bloom title no less than 10 times. There are fabulous floral displays throughout the city - arising from a base of 2.5 million roses, 11 million daffodils and 3 million crocuses. Aberdeen's buoyant economy is the result of diverse commercial activities, and more recently, it has also become the hub of the world's offshore energy network.